you got so weak that she couldn't walk and that's why she was is at rehab

by Leanne DuBuque Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

What's it like to have so much sex you can't walk?

Amazing. Incredible. You're getting the best sex of your life and you know it.

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What are the disorders that make walking difficult?

Multiple congenital, metabolic and nervous system diseases: these disorders are characterized by weakness and instability, which makes walking difficult, and in some cases, uncoordinated. They can also appear as tremors. In this case veterinary diagnosis and treatment is required and prognosis will depend-.

Why does my dog walk in an uncoordinated way?

Encephalitis or brain inflammation: this brain involvement can originate from several places, and perhaps the best known is cause is canine distemper. This canine distemper results in a dog convulsing, walking in an uncoordinated way, suffering from behavioral changes (increase in aggressiveness) and experiencing increased fever.

Why does my dog tremble when walking?

The exhausted muscle will naturally tremble as it fights the urge to move.

What did Mama learn from her painful experiences?

Siouxsie: Mama’s learned from her painful experiences that you can’t go back and make suffering and death un-happen, but you can learn from your mistakes and lack of wisdom and, by knowing better the next time, prevent other animals from suffering a similar fate.

How did Dahlia save Lil Bit?

Dahlia: You saved Lil Bit’s life by bringing him inside when he was a kitten. Many feral kittens die from respiratory infections and other contagious diseases. I’m sure he knew it and he loves you for it still, even from the other side of the Bridge. Purrs and many blessings to you and your husband.

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