you did what with your wiener rehab

by Dr. Leta Schuster DDS Published 2 years ago Updated 1 year ago

Does the Assisi Loop work?

The Assisi Loop can markedly increase blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which improves the overall tissue health and reduces pain. There is clinical evidence that the Assisi Loop works.

Did Gretel have surgery?

Gretel’s IVDD was in stage 2 so she didn’t require surgery. Instead we went with conservative treatment. She spent some time on strict crate rest – laying still in her crate unless I was carrying her out to go potty or we were laying with her on the couch (and holding her tight so she couldn’t jump off).

How long does it take to give Gretel laser treatments?

You can give them treatments in the comfort of your own home is less than 30 minutes (most home treatments take 5-15 minutes). It can also end up being cheaper. Let’s say I want to give Gretel regular maintenance laser treatments year round. If I give them to her every 2 weeks, at $50 each, that’s $1,300 a year.

How often does Gretel get laser treatment?

Gretel received treatments 2 times per week in the beginning. I was told she needed it at least once a week to be effective.

What are the common injuries that cold laser therapy is used to treat in dogs?

Common injuries that cold laser therapy is used to treat in dogs are: Joint injuries. Ligament or tendon injuries.

What is laser therapy for dogs?

Laser therapy is effective in treating acute pain, chronic conditions, and post-operative pain.”. – Carol, Fidose of Reality, from Diary of a Dog Undergoing Laser Treatment. Cold laser, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is a noninvasive procedure that uses visible and near infrared ...

Is a Dachshund injured in stage 2?

In my Dachshund’s case, her injury was mild (Stage 2 IVDD). She didn’t have as far to recover as Dachshunds who become paralyzed. However, she still had pain, nerve damage, and reduced feeling in her back legs like most other Dachshunds with IVDD no matter what stage they are in.

What is the function of lasers?

Overall cellular function is increased, allowing for rapid absorption of nutrients, elimination of wastes, growth of new cells and nerves. Often, when people think of laser, they think of the burning rays like in movies. Or maybe they’ve heard of lasers being used for surgery to cut tissue.

Can a cold laser be used on a dachshund?

It’s been gaining some mainstream acceptance though as more and more vets are seeing results. Cold laser can be helpful for Dachshunds trying to avoid surgery (using conservative treatment), dogs recovering from surgery, or active dogs that compete in sports. Potential benefits of cold laser therapy for Doxies include:

The Pros and Cons of Ovary Sparing Spay (OSS) for Your Dachshund

For the first time, I brought home a dog that wasn't spayed. I knew that getting her "fixed" was the right thing to do for us but, now that I was bestowed the responsibility myself, I wanted to do some research first. I started to hear mumbling that perhaps spaying a dog at a young age wasn't as beneficial as once thought.

5 Things That Will Make the First Days with Your New Puppy Easier

Bringing home a new puppy is very exciting. You’ve likely chosen a puppy but have to wait weeks before he or she is old enough to come home to you. The bad news is that the wait can be difficult and feel like forever. The good news is waiting gives you a lot of time to think and prepare to bring your new furry family member home.

Can CBD Oil Help Calm My Anxious Dachshund?

I know what it’s like to have an anxious dog. Gretel was so nervous she was on Prozac when I adopted her. Over the years, she’s calmed down and learned to not be so reactive. However, sometimes when she gets stressed, her inner demon still rears its ugly head. I help control her anxiety naturally now using CBD products made for dogs.

How Much Exercise Does a Miniature Dachshund Need?

It frustrates me that so many people treat their wiener dogs like lapdogs. I see so many Dachshunds that are overweight and I'm sure it's the belief that Dachshund are fragile and don't need much exercise that significantly contributes to that.

How to Choose a Small Dog Crate for Your Dachshund

You’ve just brought home a new Dachshund. Perhaps a puppy, a senior dog, or an adult. On your must-buy list is a crate.

Love and Loss: Letting Go of My Dog With Dementia

I slowly meandered through the woods with Chester and sat on a log. I had things I needed to say to him. Things I wanted him to know. There was no better setting than in the woods a few miles from my house to tell him. We'd shared almost 16 years of adventure in places like that.

Why Does My Dog Bark or Pee On the Floor When I Leave?

I've received many emails from Dachshund owners who are frustrated that their dog barks all day, or pees in the house, when they're gone. Most ask me if I think their pup does it because they are mad - or out of spite - and how to stop it.

How to keep a Dachshund's back?

People are advised to keep the Dachshund’s body in a horizontal position while being held, with one arm supporting the rear end and the other supporting the chest. One of the above pieces of advice is actually both correct and helpful to a Dachshund’s back.

How long can a dachshund walk?

However, my Dachshunds – and I’ve seen many who can do the same – can easily hike or walk for 1-2 hours a day or more .

How much exercise should a dog do a day?

However, as with people, there are some minimum activity guidelines. Generally, a healthy, adult dog needs at least 30 minutes of activity a day. Some dogs need a lot more in order to be happily tired. While Dachshunds, a hunting breed with a lot of natural energy, are definitely capable of doing more than 30 minutes a day, based on experience, ...

Why do dachshunds need exercise?

There are two main reasons for this: It helps to keep them healthy and fit. It helps keep their core and back muscles strong so they are less likely to suffer from a back injury (or, as in our case, ...

Is it important to protect a Dachshund's back?

Unfortunately, people who follow this type of advice are inadvertently doing a grave disservice to their dog. Yes, it is important to protect the relatively fragile overly long back of a Dachshund, but limiting their activity is not the way to do this.

Do Dachshunds have IVDD?

Dachshunds who did not use stairs at all, or who used a maximum of one step in or out of the house each day, were found to be at increased risk of being diagnosed with IVDD.

Can Dachshunds jump on furniture?

Study Conclusion. Dachshunds who were not allowed to jump up or down from furniture were found to be at greater risk of suffering from IVDD. It’s thought that dogs who regularly jump up and down, and between items of furniture may gradually, develop spinal musculature, natural protection against IVDD.

What is being active?

Being active is a mindset – a lifestyle choice. Every active person knows they will not be operating at 100% all of the time. Active people know there will be injuries and there will be setbacks. They do it anyway.

Can an IVVD dog have an episode?

There are a lot of other factors that play into whether an IVVD dog will have an episode or not (one of the biggest being whether a dog is overweight or not. Click here to see how you can tell if a dog is overweight). However, Gretel’s super-smart and experienced rehab vet feels very sure that an active dog with stronger muscles is less likely ...

Did Gretel and Chester have back injuries?

That is definitely true for Chester and Gretel. Since they can’t speak for themselves, and probably don’t think too far beyond the next meal, it’s up to me to make choices for them, advocate for them, and protect them. As most of you know by now, Gretel injured her back a couple of months ago.

Can dogs walk after back surgery?

Yes, every dog is different and you should go with what your vet tells you. However, rehab vets are seeing dogs who underwent back surgery walking within a couple of weeks using this active recovery method. Gretel recently had her 11-week post injury checkup. Her rehab vet was super impressed at how well she was doing.

Who is Jessica Rhae?

About Jessica Rhae. Jessica, aka. The Dachshund Lady, lives and breathes everything Dachshund, hiking and camping with dogs, and blogging. Given her cumulative 25 years of owning Dachshunds, studying the breed, and organizing an 800-member Dachshund club, she's considered a breed expert by many.

Can a dog be crated rest?

The goal nowadays is to get a dog up and moving as soon as they can to help make them stronger and reduce the chance of re-injury. Yes, every dog is different and you should go with what your vet tells you.

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