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Where can I watch old episodes of Rehab Addict?

You are able to stream Rehab Addict by renting or purchasing on Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Google Play.

How many seasons of Rehab Addict are there?

8Rehab Addict / Number of seasons

Is Rehab Addict coming back in 2021?

Brand New Series Starring Rehab Addict's Nicole Curtis Is Coming to HGTV. Home renovation star Nicole Curtis helps overwhelmed DIY-ers restore their historic homes in new HGTV series Rehab Addict Rescue, premiering January 2021.Dec 16, 2020

Is Rehab Addict on Discovery Plus?

Fans can watch new episodes of Rehab Addict Rescue on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on HGTV as well as on discovery+, Discovery Inc.'s new subscription streaming service, and HGTV GO each Thursday.Feb 3, 2021

What happened to addicted to rehab?

The eight hour-long episodes mark Curtis's return to TV after a significant hiatus following the end of Rehab Addict 1.0 in the fall of 2018. "I was completely burned out," Curtis admits of her decision to step away. "There was so much time in those ten years where I didn't get to enjoy it at all.

Will there be a season 10 of Rehab Addict?

Receive automatic notifications when Rehab Addict season 10 release date is announced....Episodes.#NameAir Dates1Heights CottageOct 3, 20192Detroit Auction HouseOct 10, 2019314-Mile HouseOct 17, 20194Minnehaha HouseOct 24, 20195 more rows

How old is Nicole from Rehab Addict?

45 years (August 20, 1976)Nicole Curtis / Age

What channel is Rehab Addict on?

Magnolia NetworkHGTVRehab Addict/Networks

How many houses does Nicole Curtis own?

six housesCurtis, who has acquired and restored about six houses in Detroit, said she invests her own money into the projects. “For myself, my own projects, we keep all of the houses we restore because there's no value in them when we finish. I don't get my money back,” Curtis said. “They are like my little museums.”Mar 20, 2021

Who is Nicole Curtis husband?

Steve LaneNicole Curtis / Husband (m. ?–2009)

What happened to Nicole on HGTV?

Detroit — A judge has awarded a rundown property in Islandview to HGTV star Nicole Curtis, closing out a years-long dispute over the house she's been fighting to save.May 20, 2021

Where is Nicole Curtis from HGTV?

Curtis grew up in Lake Orion, Michigan and graduated from Lake Orion High School in 1994. Her family owned a garbage business. She attended college in Georgia, Florida, and Michigan and had her son, Ethan, before she graduated. As of September 2014 she lives in a renovated 1904 home in Detroit.

S7 Episode 14 - A surprise for tessa, part 2

Tessa and her family are coming home soon, and Nicole needs to finish their surprise home renovation before they do. She tackles the laundry room and hallway in the back addition of Bobby and Karen's house. Nicole reconfigures the layout, tearing down walls, moving plumbing, and adding lots of storage make the space more functional and practical.

S7 Episode 13 - A surprise for tessa, part 1

Nicole's doing a surprise home renovation for one of her subcontractors, Bobby, and his family. Bobby and Karen started renovating their house two years ago, but their daughter Tessa was diagnosed with cancer, and they turned their focus, time and resources on her treatment.

S7 Episode 12 - Red barn reborn

Nicole takes on her most personal project yet, her grandfather's red barn. The barn has fallen into disrepair and requires a great deal of structural work to make it safe and strong. Starting with an Amish metal roof, skylights, new gutters and a coat of paint, Nicole brings the exterior of the barn back to life.

S7 Episode 11 - Roof renovation donation

Nicole is back on Campbell Street helping her 85-year-old veteran neighbor, Art, repair his home. The house is suffering from severe water damage so the team seals the leaky roof and patches and repaints the dining room, living room, and bedroom.

S7 Episode 10 - One extraordinary exterior

As the renovation of Nicole's grandparents midcentury home winds down there is just one major obstacle left: the exterior. Nicole's grandparents literally built the home block by block so nothing short of perfection will do for the curb appeal of this property.

S7 Episode 9 - The basement reborn

Nicole battles against several sticky issues in this episode. After an improperly winterized basement bathroom springs some serious leaks, she remains determined to rebuild the bathroom better than ever. Improving the layout, adding mid-century tile and a custom vanity, Nicole creates one of her most appealing bathrooms yet.

S7 Episode 8 - Reclaiming the rec room

Nicole Curtis tackles one of the hardest spaces in her grandparents' mid-century home, the basement. With space at a premium, Nicole must battle water, structural problems, dilapidated windows and poorly placed duct work to turn a neglected area into a much needed gathering space.

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