where is community rehab in syracuse

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Where to go for mental health treatment in Syracuse NY?

Mar 23, 2022 · Syracuse Community Health Center - SCHC 819 South Salina street Syracuse NY, 13202 (315) 476-7921 Last Updated: 03/23/2022 You might also consider: Veterans Wellness and Recovery Center Drug Rehab | Alcohol Treatment | …

What is the address for the city of Syracuse NY?

Crouse Health Hospital Inc - Outpt Rehabilitation Prog (Day Trt) Visit Site 315-470-8380. 410 South Crouse Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13210. Services For: Adult men, Adult women, Court referrals, Past trauma, Pregnant/postpartum, Young adults, Persons with co-occurring mental and substance use disorders.

What is the address for South Salina Street Syracuse NY?

819 South Salina Street Syracuse, NY. 13202 315-234-5918 Syracuse Community Health Center Outpatient provides recovery care and rehab services such as Outpatient Programs, Outpatient Detox, and others to clients living in the Syracuse, New York area so that they overcome their substance abuse issues and find full recovery.

What is inpatient rehabilitation at University Hospital (2 North)?

Address: 819 South Salina Street - Syracuse, NY 13202 Phone Number: 315-234-5918 Website: Addiction Treatment & Rehab Overview. Syracuse Community Health Center is a substance abuse treatment provider located in Syracuse, NY (Onondaga County). They accept young adults and adults (ages 18 and up) and treat both men and women.


Rehab Centers

Rehab describes structured programs designed to help people stop using drugs or alcohol and learn to live a healthy life. More on rehab.

Boca Recovery Center

Focused on providing the highest level of care. Fully licensed and accredited. Most insurance accepted. Galloway, NJ.

United Recovery Project

We provide trauma-focused recovery services for drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental health issues. We offer professional and compassionate support that provides you with the tools necessary to achieve your full potential and a long-lasting recovery. Hollywood, FL

Lincoln House RRh provides facility information using publically available data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and cannot independently verify the data. does not guarantee the quality of care or results of working with any provider or treatment facility.

Where is Betty Ford in rehab?

Hazelden Betty Ford’s outpatient drug rehab program in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York, NY , is ideally situated in the hub of the city's vibrant, creative sober community. The goal of outpatient drug rehab is to stabilize your health and equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources to help you reclaim your life from the grip of drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our evidence-based drug and alcohol rehab program surrounds you with an expert, multidisciplinary care team dedicated to helping you get well and stay well.

Where is Bradford Recovery Center located?

Located in Millerton, Pennsylvania, our facility sits on a campus surrounded by the majestic mountains and peaceful atmosphere of the New England countryside, offering individuals the ideal environment to focus on their recovery process. We have a full interdisciplinary team of professionals, including certified counselors, medical doctors (MDs), registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), case managers, and residential assistants, who are passionate about providing the highest level of care to the people who turn to us in their time of need. We take the time to learn about each person’s medical history and unique strengths, challenges, and goals for recovery so that we can tailor their treatment plan to be most beneficial to their needs. Our goal is to help each individual who comes to us for care to find healing on a holistic level so that they can experience better mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness.

What is detox of South Florida?

Detox of South Florida was founded and envisioned by compassionate medical doctors who use clinically proven and research driven medical and holistic treatment for addiction . It's situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida . New treatments include cutting edge IV / Amino acid therapy and ionic cleansing. We are one of the few centers which is approved for IV/Amino acid therapy. We also incorporate animal therapy, meditation, and prayer. We know that no two people are created equal, so we will strive to cater to your recovery needs and preferences.

What is Union Square Psychotherapy?

At Union Square Psychotherapy, we are a diverse collection of therapists, treating a diverse population, with diverse complaints. Whether you are depressed, or anxious, or have relationship or professional problems, or struggle with behaviors or desires that are problematic, we have a therapist for you.

Where is Mountainside Chappaqua located?

With flexible morning and evening appointments, we provide individualized addiction treatment that fits into any schedule, giving you the ability maintain your responsibilities without sacrificing your health. Located an hour north of New York City, near the center of Westchester, Chappaqua is an easy commute from Pleasantville, Briarcliff Manor, Rye, Mt Kisco, Irvington, and Bronxville.

What is a high risk psychiatric program?

The Psychiatry High Risk Program (PHRP) is an outpatient recovery-based suicide prevention program that gets to the root causes of depression, anxiety, addiction, and suicide, aiming towards transformative healing and recovery, rather than just getting through crisis after crisis. The program provides comprehensive evidence-based treatment for youth and young adults (ages 16 to 40) who struggle with thoughts of suicide. Conditions that commonly occur in high risk individuals and addressed through this program include depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, self-harm, eating disorders, and addictions. Weekly therapy with dynamic deconstructive psychotherapy (DDP; https// is a core required component, but medication management, family therapy and group therapies are offered as needed. This innovative program has shown outstanding outcomes, attracting both regional and national attention. Many of our clients enter the program with little hope, having been through multiple previous treatments without success, and yet have found transformative healing at the PHRP.

Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation Services

University Hospital offers many acute care services as part of our very special care.

Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

The inpatient rehabilitation unit at University Hospital (2 North) consists of 30 beds. Adults and children are admitted for specialized care by a dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals, including doctors, nurses, therapists, and case managers.

Education and Therapeutic Activity

Patients and families are provided with education about their illness or injury and disability, and with a daily program of therapeutic activity. Depending on their condition, patients may receive services to address the the following issues:

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