maple ridge health & rehab center what is it like to work there

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Maple Ridge Health Services in Milwaukee, WI has a short-term rehabilitation rating of Average and a long-term care rating of Average. It is a medium facility with 80 beds and has for-profit, corporate ownership. Maple Ridge Health Services is not a part of a continuing care retirement community. It participates in Medicare and Medicaid.

Resident Safety Summary

With Coronavirus posing a significant risk to seniors, resident safety is of utmost importance. While US News does not give a Resident Safety rating, its relevant to choosing a Nursing Home. Certain of these elements are part of the long and short term care ratings.

Nursing Home Costs

Original Medicare will generally pay for short term rehabilitation up to 100 days (lifetime) after a hospital stay of at least 3 inpatient days or certain other circumstances after you meet your deductible. Long-term nursing home care may be paid via Medicaid after long-term care insurance and personal savings are used.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Rating

This rating evaluates a nursing home's quality of post-acute care for patients recovering from a hospital stay such as after stroke, heart attack, infection or accidental injury. See how we rate nursing homes

Long-Term Care Rating

This rating evaluates a home's ability to care for residents who need daily assistance with medical needs such as administering medications and non-medical needs such as dressing, eating and using the bathroom. See how we rate nursing homes

Government Conducted Inspections

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services conducts regular health, fire and safety inspections. The most recent inspection reports are below. These are not part of U.S. News' ratings calculation.

What is Maple Ridge Rehabilitation Center?

As a large care community for the elderly, the goal of Maple Ridge Health And Rehabilitation Center is to provide quality Memory Care Facilities to their senior residents. Maple Ridge Health And Rehabilitation Center aims to provide a safe, loving and enriching environment for their residents.

How much does memory care cost in Milwaukee?

The average cost of care and/or rent for Memory Care Facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is $ per month. It can range as low as $ and go as high as $ (Source: Genworth Financial).

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