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How long does Malibu Rescue Run for?

Aug 08, 2012 · Check out Passages Malibu's 30 second TV commercial, 'Addiction Ends Here' from the Addiction & Treatment Centers industry. Keep an eye on this page to learn about the songs, characters, and celebrities appearing in this TV commercial. Share it with friends, then discover more great TV commercials on Published. August 08, 2012.

Why choose Avalon Malibu rehab?

Filed under: promises malibu alcohol and drug rehab treatment facility. Just four days after leaving a court-mandated 90-day stint in Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center on July 30, the troubled star opened up to the TV personality on her past “addiction to chaos” and how this recovery will be different. The interview aired on …

Is the movie Malibu worth watching?

TV commercial and inside look at Passages Malibu Addiction Rehab Center – Passages Addiction Treatment Centers are accredited by The Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (aka JCAHO) and are among the mere 6% of substance ab…. Defensive Carry: Caliber and incapacitation. Filed under: promises malibu alcohol and drug rehab treatment …


Mental Health Disorders We Treat

At Avalon, we assess the needs of each client as they are admitted, conducting a full dual diagnosis assessment for the following mental health disorders:

Substance Abuse Disorders We Treat

We embrace addiction and the concurring mental health aspect of treatment. Without working on all of these factors of physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness, therapy is only as strong as the extension of focus. Our expansive attention to the following addictions are where we begin, which includes:

Step Into Our World at Avalon Malibu

When you walk through the doors at Avalon Malibu, the breathtaking grounds and ocean view wash over your being, providing every patient with a vision of clarity and rejuvenation. When our clients step through the doors of our rehab center, they feel the realization that change can and will happen here.

Balanced Dynamic of Cohesive Clients

Every client we invite into Avalon Malibu is screened beforehand to assure the comfort, privacy and cohesive nature of our treatment offerings and harmony within the groups we establish.

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