how much is phoenix drug rehab

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The Phoenix House Inc caters to those with substance abuse issues for young adults and adults.

Is this treatment center really free?

Most of the listings on this website are free; however, we decided it would also be helpful for our visitors to see sliding scale treatment centers and low cost rehab centers for low income persons.

User questions & answers

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What is luxury rehab?

Luxury rehab facilities focus on providing treatment in a tranquil, serene, highly confidential, and strikingly beautiful setting. These private rehab centers allow people in the public eye to maintain a low profile as they receive professional help for a SUD without giving up the luxuries they’re accustomed to.

What is executive rehab?

Executive rehab centers are designed to suit the needs of high-profile clients, such as professional athletes, business professionals, CEOs, celebrities, and politicians in need of discreet yet functional addiction treatment. These facilities are ideal because they allow executives to continue to participate in their career duties during treatment.

How long does an inpatient rehab program last?

Inpatient programs generally last for 30, 60, or 90 days, if not longer depending on a person’s needs. Even standard facilities may offer a variety of treatment approaches and additional services to participants. Although standard rehab facilities may have fewer luxury amenities, many still offer some of the best addiction treatment programs in ...

Why do people with private insurance go to outpatient rehab?

Many people who have private insurance opt for outpatient treatment to save on housing and food costs, which can be expensive. People who choose this option can work, attend school, and manage responsibilities at home during the rehab process.

Why do inpatient facilities cost more than outpatient programs?

Type of facility—for example, inpatient facilities tend to cost more than outpatient treatment programs because they provide meals and lodging in addition to therapeutic interventions and wellness activities. Location of the facility—such as near home or not, or in the mountains or on a beach. Size of the program—whether it’s a large program ...

What is included in a non shared room?

They generally include a comfortable bed, bathroom, and space for personal items. Costs may be slightly higher for those who opt for a non-shared room. In some locations, participants may have access to a swimming pool or an on-site gym, and some standard facilities accommodate children and pets.

Does insurance cover rehab?

Consultation with a treatment professional prior to choosing a rehab can help you determine if your addiction issues will be adequately addressed with outpatient approaches. Your insurance plan might not cover all of the services the facility offers, but certain treatment types are covered under many insurance plans.

Is it easy to make excuses for addiction?

It’s easy to make excuses. The brave choice to get help for your addiction, however, is an investment in your family’s financial future. After all, once you embrace sobriety, you’ll be able to think clearer and be more productive.

Do out of network hospitals have waiting lists?

Some, however, may have waiting lists, which could prevent you from getting care when you need it most. Also, if you have health insurance, make sure the facility is in your network. Out-of-network services generally have less coverage or no coverage at all.

Does Medicare cover drug rehab?

Your health insurance policy: If you have health insurance from your employer, the Marketplace, or Medicare chances are at least some of your drug rehab will be covered. This varies based on where you live and the specifics of your individual policy.

Is addiction a mental illness?

Above all, remember your life is at stake. Addiction is a chronic mental health condition that only gets worse with time. Getting help as soon as possible may prevent you from the very costly physical, mental, emotional, and legal consequences of addiction.

Can admission counselors help you?

Others may do well in outpatient programs which cost significantly less. An admissions counselor can help you determine which type of treatment is best for you . While money may be an issue, you also want to make sure you are placed in the most appropriate setting.

Does the government subsidize drug rehab?

Qualifying for financial assistance: There are some government programs that will subsidize your cost of drug rehab depending on your income level. In addition, some drug rehab facilities offer sliding scales, scholarships, and payment plans to ease the financial burden.

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