how is the internet in al rehab egypt

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What does El Rehab mean in Arabic?

Why travellers like Al Rehab Apartments There is a parking lot provided for those who travel by car. The accommodation has free access to the Internet. On advance inquiry, shuttle from/to the airport is organized for the guests. A mini-market is opened on the territory for the guests' convenience. Guests can use the laundry if required.

Where is El Rehab located in Alexandria Egypt?

Mar 18, 2020 · From: Al Jazeera World Rehab Egypt: Edge of Addiction. At a rehabilitation centre in Egypt, men with drug and alcohol addictions embark on a road to recovery. Read more

Who is the owner of El Rehab?

Apr 05, 2021 · tv Al Jazeera World Rehab Egypt Edge Of Addiction Al Jazeera April 5, 2021 4:00am-5:01am +03 . 4:00 am . watch out just the way english streaming live on the kitchen channel. plus thousands of our programs award winning documentary and dead news reports. subscribe to you chief forward slash al-jazeera english. fully back to bill in doha with a ...

What does El Rehab city do?

Al Rakhawy Hospital for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment. Address: 11571 Street 9. Al Abageyah. Cairo Governorate. Egypt. Phone number: +20 1211113073. Facebook. Contact form. This center has an outpatient clinic, and offers psychiatric services to children as well as adults.


Where is Dar Abu El Azayem Hospital?

Dar Abu El-Azayem Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment in Mokattam opened a specialized center for mental disorders and dual diagnosis based on the idea of ​​therapeutic societies that create a psychological environment that helps the person to change and social behavioral interaction in a therapeutic environment Read more...

What is Al-Mashfa?

Al-Mashfa offers a plethora of psychology services to people who are looking for any sort of psychiatry help. Their aim is not only to help our patients overcome their problems, but to take them one step ahead into a better “quality of life”. Read more...

Is Narconon Egypt a 12-step program?

Narconon Egypt is a non-faith and a non 12-step program, sole ly based on a step by step regiment that highlights all aspects of addiction, including thorough detoxification. It is a drug-free withdrawal program. Read more...

Is Egypt fighting drug addiction?

Egypt is fighting a tough battle against drug addiction. RehabPath Africa brings together a comprehensive list of centers for you or your loved one to find the treatment that you deserve.

Why is Egypt important to the world?

Because Egypt sits at a significant crossroads, the country is subjected to the trafficking of drugs from every direction. It controls the Suez Canal, the vital connection between the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. This shipping channel is critically important to international commerce and this fact is not missed by those with illicit substances to move.

What is the resort in Ismailia?

At this resort location in Ismailia, each person is supported through their withdrawal with generous nutritional supplementation that helps calm sickness and muscle pain. One-on-one work with the staff—around the clock if it’s needed—helps keep each client focused on recovery and the future instead of the trauma and agony of the past.

Is there a border fence between Israel and Egypt?

Despite a hefty border fence between Israel and Egypt, drug smugglers work out ways to move drugs across the frontier and into Egypt’s cities. In a recent case, fifteen smugglers used ladders to get near the top of the border fence and threw 100 kilograms of hashish over the top. The two smugglers on the Egyptian side were arrested.


Location of Al-Rehab City

If you are looking forapartments in Al-Rehab, then firstly you should know where it is located. Al-Rehab is located east of Cairo, specifically in New Cairo near the Cairo-Suez road and the Ring road, its location is unique as it’s near Nasr City and pivotal areas in New Cairo. Get your villa in Al Rehab in New Cairo
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Details About Al-Rehab

  • Al-Rehab city is the first city to be built and designed by the private sector in Egypt during the 90s, with the aim to accommodate 200,000 inhabitants.
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Overview on Talaat Mostafa Group

  • Talaat Moustafa Group is one of the major and largest real estate development companies in Egypt and the Middle East in terms of experience and accomplishments that took place throughout 40 years of grinding and hard work. It worked on a total of 8,500,000 square meters of land and sold 57,000 real estate units to suit all the needs of its residents. The most important p…
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Services of Al-Rehab

  • Services in Al Rehab city are divided into 3 partitions, which are: Trade centers, Medical Services and daily services. Commercial Centers 1. Rehab Mall 1, which consists of 2 floors in addition to having various services, such as: cafés, amusement parks, ATMs, perfume and cosmetics, restaurants, fast food, male and female clothes, electricity services, joinery, and maintenance 2. …
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Additional Features

  • Al Rehab Contains additional features, such as: Al Rehab club, a bus for every residential block in addition to two buses heading to Nasr city and Saray El Kobba. Moreover, It has weddings and events hall, a police station, a fire station and a gas station to make sure that residents’ needs are fully met. * Please note that all prices mentioned in this article are for the first quarter of 2019 a…
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