episode where peter and brian goes to rehab

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What happened to Brian at the rehab clinic in the things they carried?

Play Sound. The Providence Rehab Clinic is where Brian goes after he develops a cocaine addiction after becoming a drug-sniffing dog in "The Thin White Line". When his behavior gets out of hand, the family decides to stage an intervention. Ultimately Brian agrees to enter rehab, forcing Peter and the family have to cancel the cruise they had planned until after Brian's treatment.

What episode of Family Guy does Peter go blind?

Sep 10, 2018 · Since brian's addicted to drugs he has to go to rehab. Peter joins him too as he thinks the rehabilitation centre is cool.Subscribe for more clips from Famil...

What happens to Brian and Peter in Happy Go Lucky?

Jul 11, 2001 · The Thin White Line: Directed by Glen Hill, Pete Michels, Peter Shin. With Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Mila Kunis. Brian becomes a drug-sniffing dog for police to get out of a rut after taking the advice of his therapist, but …

What happened to Brian on'the Big Bang theory'?

Mar 16, 2022 · Peter, disappointed at not being able to sail the seas in style and in awe of the fancy amenities at Brian's rehab rehab facility, decides to fake his own addiction in order to "vacation" at the detox clinic. Before long, Peter's obnoxious behavior attracts the attention of the clinic's head doctor, and despite his initial attempts to ignore Peter, Brian gets sucked into …



Unable to shake his neuroses, Brian decides to give something back to the community by using his expert nose to help the police force sniff for drugs. His help puts dozens of cocaine traffickers behind bars, but he soon finds himself getting too enamored of the powder.

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Brian becomes a cop and, in true Family Guy style, becomes a cokehead! This was another episode I would rewatch endlessly back in the day -- definitely a fun one.


Having lapsed into alcoholism, Brian is booked into a rehabilitation clinic run by an order of monks. A chance remark by Father Bernard leads Brian to telephone Sandra late at night to tell her that there was an unexplained death in the clinic nine years previously.

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The Croatian War of Independence happened between 1991 and 1992 (although the peace treaty was signed in 1995, there were no battles after 1992) and not between 1992 and 1995 like the characters often repeat in this episode. The war fought on the territory of Yugoslavia between 1992 and 1995 was the Bosnian Civil War.

What happened to Peter and Brian in the movie?

After making a drunken scene at the movie theater, Peter and Brian are sentenced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. At first, they hate going to them, but when they start sneaking in booze, they enjoy the meetings a lot more.

What season do Peter and Brian get drunk?

Peter and Brian get drunk and eat the turkey the night before Thanksgiving in season 13 ’s “Turkey Guys,” so Lois sends them out into the wild to somehow find a turkey on Thanksgiving.

Why did the Griffins encourage Brian to take part in a dog show?

In season 1’s “Brian: Portrait of a Dog,” the Griffins encourage a reluctant Brian to take part in a dog show so they can use the prize money to buy a new air conditioner. He finds the dog show humiliating and reaches the final straw when Peter tries to force him to do a trick.

What episode of Family Guy did Peter and Brian get a welfare check?

Peter and Brian were introduced as the central duo in Family Guy in the series’ first ever episode, “Death Has a Shadow.” In the episode, Peter accidentally receives a much bigger welfare check than he’s entitled to, and instead of reporting the mistake, he spends all the money.

What season of married with cancer does Brian get married?

In the season 17 premiere “Married with Cancer,” Brian falls for a cancer patient who is expected to die soon and marries her so she can cross off the last item on her bucket list. However, after they’ve gotten married, she makes a speedy recovery, and Brian is stuck married to someone he doesn’t really love.

What happens in season 4 of Perfect Castaway?

The first half of season 4’s “Perfect Castaway” revolves around Peter and the guys as they go out on a fishing trip and their boat is destroyed and they’re all stranded on a desert island.

Who won the Emmy for Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows?

Creator MacFarlane, the recipient of the award, noted that the episode's director Dan Povenmire deserved to have received the award for the contribution the visuals made to the episode's win. Povenmire jokingly responded "That's a nice sentiment and all, but did he offer to give me his? No! And it's not like he doesn't already have two of his own just sitting in his house!"

When did Family Guy get canceled?

Seth MacFarlane was nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Song for the episode " Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows ". Family Guy was first canceled in 2000 following the series' second season, but following a last-minute reprieve, it returned for a third season in 2001.

How many episodes are there in Family Guy season 3?

Family Guy ' s third season first aired on the Fox network in 22 episodes from July 11, 2001, to November 9, 2003, before being released as a DVD box set and in syndication. It premiered with the episode " The Thin White Line " and finished with " Family Guy Viewer Mail #1 ".

Who directed Family Guy?

The network also began production of a film based on the series. Dan Povenmire, who became a director on Family Guy during the series' second season, took a more prominent role in directing by the third season, having directed five episodes. Creator Seth MacFarlane granted Povenmire substantial creative freedom.


At the bowling alley, Mort Goldman bowls a perfect game and becomes an overnight celebrity. Lois arrives to pick Peter up from the bowling alley, but discovers Quagmire spying on her from the ceiling of the ladies' toilet. Quagmire is arrested, but released shortly after by Joe.

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Stewie discovers the Keebler Elves after crashing into the tree, who plan to kill their competition: Snap, Crackle and Pop, with the help of Judd Hirsch 's nuclear weapon, which Peter views while peeking through a ball return at the bowling alley.


PopMatters ' Kevin Wong gave the episode a positive review, feeling it was better than the two previous episodes of the season.

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